Genuine vs Faux Goods - 5 Tips in Spotting Faux Leather Products

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Although faux leather can be a cheaper alternative as a material, it comes with many disadvantages compared to genuine hides. A lack of durability and colour inconsistency among several others is the price you pay when you purchase cheaper products.

Spotting faux leather goods 

Some brands and retailers can’t be trusted with their guarantee of using genuine materials for their products. Thankfully enough, there’s more than one way to figure out whether a product is made from natural or faux leather. 

In this article, we will share five different ways to spot faux leather products before you make the mistake of purchasing them: 

  •  1. Compare prices with other products 

Price is one of the easiest ways to judge whether you’re looking at a product made from real or faux leather. Genuine skin is usually much more expensive compared to faux products, which is why it’s generally the reason behind the hefty price tag and harder to get a hold of. 

Although it does have a high price, it still has several benefits that faux leather doesn’t have. Besides giving a long-lasting look, genuine leather products guarantee a longer shelf life and are more durable compared to machine-made hide. 

  •  2. Be wary of its scent 

Real skin will have a distinct smell that you can trace from different products, such as leather jackets, car seats, and even satchel bags. An organic skin scent will be easy to differentiate compared to the chemical plastic odour of faux leather goods. However, you should be wary about just using your sense of smell in judging whether a product is made from faux or genuine material as the scent will fade in time. 

  •  3. Consider its elasticity 

Real leather can build up a unique texture over time. It has some semblance of elastic properties as it can stretch and wrinkle when pressed. Synthetic leather that’s made chemically will not have this quality as it will simply sink back into its original shape after you apply pressure to it. Real leather will also feel warmer compared to synthetic leather, which is usually colder. 

  •  4. Feel its texture 

The surface of genuine leather will have small patches of imperfections and blemishes because it’s made from real animal hides. Non-uniformity is a good sign that the product you’re viewing is made from genuine material. If you happen to see a  leather satchel bag that has perfect seams and patterns, then there’s a huge chance that it’s made from machine-made skin. 

  •  5. Check for its durability 

When it comes to durability, genuine leather is the better option as it’s made to last long term endurance. Products made from authentic materials can look and function well, whether it’s in storage or against harsh weather conditions. Faux products are not made to withstand rugged environments and will show signs of breaking down after enough time has passed. 

Unlike faux leather, genuine skin ages gracefully over time. Since its original hide is not built to match the product’s form, the presence of wear and tear to the product can give it a natural and unique pattern that may look even better than when you first bought it. 


When it comes to buying leather products, you should make sure that you’re purchasing an item that matches your money’s worth. Buying genuine products is a smart investment that allows you to have a durable and fashionable addition to your accessories. 

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** Note: The cleaning and leather care tips provided here are general suggestions. It's crucial to consider the specific type of leather and the individual item. For personalised guidance and to address specific concerns, always consult with a professional or refer to manufacturer recommendations. The information offered here is for informational purposes only and may not be suitable for all situations.