Make the Most Out of Your Duffle Bag as Carry-on With this Tips

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Duffle bags are ideal carry-on luggage for specific trips and travellers. Keeping your stuff organised in your duffle bag is essential, but it’s not always that easy. You need to know organisation tips so that you don’t worry about your stuff getting creased, or worse, ruined in your bag while you’re on that 12-hour flight. Check out these tips to help you pack your duffle bag well as a carry-on.

Start With Low-Priority Items 

When packing a duffle bag, make sure to put the low-priority items first. These are the items that you don’t need right away. For your high-priority items, make sure that they’re on top or somewhere easily accessible so that you can grab it immediately. You don’t want to rummage through the bag every time you need to find something.  

Pack the Clothes Properly 

Save and have more space by rolling your clothes. That is the best way to pack your clothes in a duffle bag. If you don’t want to roll your clothes, you can bundle the clothes instead to eliminate creases during travel. You can do this by folding smaller items of clothing between larger items and continue working outward until you’ve formed a neat bundle.  

Organise Your Items 

Packing cubes are a great way to organise your items in your duffle bag. These cubes will let you arrange your toiletries and other items better and keep them separately. You can also use them to group similar things together.  

Keep Small Items in Shoes 

Your shoes are one of the biggest space eaters in a duffle bag, so use them for storage as well. You can store items inside the shoes, such as socks undergarments, and basically anything that you can fit snugly inside.  

Place Documents in an Outside Pocket 

Since you will be carrying on the duffle bag, keep any documents in an outside pocket so you can access them easily and ensure that they’re not getting mixed with other items in your bag. It is also why you must choose a leather duffle bag womens that has plenty of organisational features. In the case that yours lack such features, you can use additional pouches or accessory bags to arrange your stuff neatly.  

Put Electronics in a Dedicated Sleeve 

If you’re travelling with your laptop, tablet, and other electronics, you need to place them in a dedicated outside pocket. Duffle bags that are designed for travel will have one, but if yours don’t, you can use a dedicated sleeve for your devices and add it on top of your clothes in the main compartment. That way, you can prevent it from getting damaged should you (accidentally) toss your bag on the floor.  


These tips will keep your stuff protected, organised, and safe inside a duffle bag as a carry-on for your travels or a simple trip to the gym. It’s also essential to invest in a high-quality duffle bag with plenty of features so that you can make the most out of it.  

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