Your Best Travel Buddy is Your Duffle Bag

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Whether you’re going on vacation or a business trip, your overall look matters. Imagine walking into a five-star hotel, your outfit on point, but your weekender bag of choice is your old gym bag because it fits everything you need.

We get it! It’s practical, and it gets the job done. You always want to look polished, put together, classy, confident, and expensive. A no brainer choice is a leather weekender bag. 

It’s called power dressing 

You might be thinking that a leather duffle bag is a bit too pricey. You’re not wrong, but you do not see the bigger picture here. If you invest in a good and solid overnight bag, you’ll be using it for years.  

Notice how a lot of the designs of leather bags now are quite similar to past designs. It’s because they are meant to be timeless. They are designed to be used for years and to adapt well to the ever-growing fashion scene.  

Having a good leather duffle bag with you not only gives you a professional and classy look, but it also gives you a bit of confidence—power dressing. When you’re walking around with a good leather bag, you’re attracting proud and confident energy. You know what they say: Be the energy you want to attract. 

Best travel buddy 

A hassle-free trip is always important. Small luggage on wheels can be quite convenient to bring around on concrete or tiled floors, but if you’re faced with cobblestones or a flight of stairs, then you’re met with a problem. 

Whether you’re having a short trip to the beach or a sleepover at your friend’s house or a longer trip to another country, the king of convenience would still be a leather weekender bag. It’s small enough for you to carry around, and you don’t need to have it checked-in.  

This bag isn’t only stylish but also quite practical. It will be so easy to pack for your next trip because it will hold so much of your stuff. A notable characteristic of a duffle bag is that it’s so roomy. Leather duffle bag mensusually have one big compartment in the middle that would hold all your clothes and gadgets. Some may have a few pockets on the side for your quick essentials like your passport, pen, or mobile phone. 

Leather duffle bags are designed to be hassle-free and give you easy access to your essentials while making you look good. 

Quality material for a quality experience 

It’s always a good idea to invest in products that would last for years and age well in time—that’s what leather does basically. It looks great when you first buy it, and it will look even better after years of using it.  

Since leather duffle bags are already made with the best quality, you won’t have to worry about it deteriorating because it was made to be durable enough to travel with you anywhere. The fact that a duffle bag is already made with the best quality material should already be enough reason for you to invest in one.  


A one-time big-time purchase can make you feel a bit fuzzy. However, if you do a bit of research and find a suitable leather duffle bag tan that would suit your lifestyle, you’ll be having stylish, Instagram-worthy and worry-free trips soon.  

Vintage Leather Sydney offers handmade and carefully crafted leather products, including the best duffle bags in Australia. We focus on quality materials and unique designs. Browse now and find your dream leather duffle bag here!  


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