Quick Guide to Properly Caring for Leather Goods

Vintage leather is beautiful and durable at the same time. The material can last for many years, but only as long as it’s properly cared for. It might even look better as it ages, particularly if it’s made of high quality.

That being said, proper leather care is only possible if you actually know how to do it. If you have a leather handbag or other items made of this material, here are some care tips to help you out:

Storing Leather

When storing leather items, it’s important to pay attention to the temperature and ambient light. This means you would want to keep leather goods in cool, dark, and dry places away from the sun. The sun can cause discolouration in the material, which will be irreversible.

Also, avoid hanging leather goods on hooks. The material might stretch if you leave them to hang for too long. For items with metal chains and other hardware, such as handbags, remember to store the metal components inside the item.

Removing Leather Stains

Most leather stains can come out with a little soap and water. Certain stains may be tougher to remove, but they can be addressed by cleaning solutions specifically designed for leather goods. Simply follow the instructions on the label, and you should be able to remove the stain.

Removing Leather Odours

Leather can be stubborn, as it can hold onto odours for an extended period. You can seek the help of a leather professional or a dry cleaner who can remove the odour from your leather item. However, be prepared to spend more money than you would when having a regular bag cleaned. 

Aside from these things, don’t forget to add this to your leather care list: 

  • Always make sure your hands are clean when handling leather goods. Keep in mind that leather can naturally absorb oil and other substances, so it’s vital to keep your hands clean when you’re using a leather bag. The oil from your skin can darken the leather over time, which will lead to stained spots and attract dirt.

  • Don’t overstuff your bag as doing so can alter its shape permanently. When using a leather bag, limit yourself to the essentials to help preserve its form and look. 

  • Be mindful of beauty products, such as hair products, in your leather bag, as they can be damaging to material. 

  • Always keep your leather bag dry. Moisture can quickly damage the bag, which can lead to swelling and the loss of its shape. 

  • Invest in a leather cleaner. There are plenty of dedicated leather cleaning products you can purchase today. All you need to do is follow the directions that come with it. 

  • Use a leather conditioner because the material can dry out and crack over time. You can prevent this by using a leather conditioner. 

  • Use a protective spray, especially if the leather is often exposed to water. Make sure to test a protective spray before using it because it can alter the colour and texture of the bag. 


You might think that caring for your leather bag and items may be a time-consuming process, but in reality, it really isn’t. All you need to do is to follow these tips and purchase dedicated products to keep your leather goods looking great for a long time.

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Note: The cleaning and leather care tips provided here are general suggestions. It's crucial to consider the specific type of leather and the individual item. For personalized guidance and to address specific concerns, always consult with a professional or refer to manufacturer recommendations. The information offered here is for informational purposes only and may not be suitable for all situations.